Moving Forward: Parallels Business Automation Standard 4.1.5

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    Dear Partners,

    We would like to announce that Parallels Business Automation Standard 4.1.5 will be released soon.

    The new version will include the following improvements:

    - Improved Integration with Parallels Plesk Panel 10.x
    PHP settings management was added into Plesk hosting plans.
    - Support for Parallels Plesk Panel 10.4 (will be released in November)
    a. New resource overuse policies are supported in Plesk hosting plans.
    b. New permissions were added to Plesk hosting plans.
    c. DNS zones for additional domains are now propagated from Plesk to PBAS.
    - Ability of managing PTR records from Customer CP
    Customers can manage PTR records for the IPs allocated for their Containers.
    - Subscription Renewal Controls can be hidden in Customer CP
    Provider now can disable renewal controls from Customer CP to prevent Customers from changing auto-renewal setting.
    - Improved OpenSRS domain registration plug-In
    OpenSRS plug-in now supports more TLDs: asia, ca, de, eu, it, us, es.
    - Improved eNom domain registration plug-in
    eNom plug-in now supports .it TLD.
    - New API for ASSIST payment plug-In
    In November 2011 ASSIST has changed their API. PBAS 4.1.5 will support these changes.
    Note: ASSIST will support their old API till January 2012.

    + bugs fixes.

    PBAS 4.1.5 should be released in the middle of November.

    P.S. This is our first announcement on the forum about future releases. We will continue this practice and more announcements will follow!
    PBAS 4.2 roadmap will be published in a couple of weeks.

    Sincerely yours,
    Victor Batraev
    PBAS Program Manager
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    Good information Victor. Is there a place we can see the bugs set to be addressed with this release? We have a couple of issues that I believe to be bugs and would like to see if they are already being addressed before opening a support issue for them.
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    List of issues fixed in 4.1.5

    Parallels Virtuozzo Containers Integration
    - PBAS-26642 Installation of PVC applications (templates) with dependencies is broken.
    - PBAS-26612 Traffic shaping can not be set for PVC 4.6
    - PBAS-26604 PBAS 4.1.3 shows "Server is temporarily closed for maintenance" when working with PVC 4.6
    - PBAS-26582 PBAS+vzlin4.7: wrong packet to pvaagent while setting node's network classes, RATE&TOTALRATE

    Parallels Plesk Panel Integration
    - PBAS-26067 When PBAS synchronizes with Plesk the PHP setting turns back to default.

    - PBAS-26616 PayPal Adaptive, wrong endingDate value is sent during request in case if pre-approval screen is not shown to a customer
    - PBAS-26615 Cannot get PayPal Transaction ID with PayPal Adaptive Payments
    - PBAS-26434 Assist plug-in vulnerability
    - PBAS-26408 Incorrect renew status in CP > subscriptions list
    - PBAS-24706 Empty `state` field not accepted by OpenSRS
    - PBAS-24248 OpenSRS plug-in problem regarding .eu domain registration for natural person

    - PBAS-26614 For reseller's clone of provider's HP the reseller is not charged for "hosting plan setup fee"

    - PBAS-26621 Change strings for register_domain_visit_store in JA locale
    - PBAS-26594 Issue with french charset in Customer CP for POA services
    - PBAS-26593 Customer locale is not propagated to POA
    - PBAS-26619 [Documentation] Reseller's invoice is not generated for domain renewal order even domain renewal is excluded from consolidated billing
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    FYI: The form is fixed.

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