Modifying CSS files for skins - which files?

Discussion in 'Installation and "How-To" Questions' started by cwcage, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. cwcage

    cwcage Guest

    I am trying to customize an HSPcomplete skin to better match our website (that is under development). The integration guide is some help, but it doesn't seem to discuss editing the CSS files for the site.

    I see that HSPC created a directory for my new skin - "hspc-root\skins\winxp_blue_7" and there are several CSS files in there. There is one set in a directory called "style" and then another at "style/static/".

    My question is do I need to modify all the files or just the files in the "static" directory? I'm guessing if I change colors through the control panel I'm going to be changing some of these files, but I'd also like to be able to edit them directly and do more than just change the colors.

    If anybody can give me some hints concerning which files need to be edited, I would appreciate it.
    Thank you.
  2. SupportTeam

    SupportTeam Guest

    Files under 'style/static' directory are just static CSS-files for browsers with disabled Javascript support, so changes in 'style/static' directory will affect only browsers without Javascript installed or with Javascript support disabled.
    It should be possible to include your own CSS-files with customizing headers:
    just copy /var/opt/hspc-root/template/HSPC/WebSystemLib/web_header.tmpl file to /var/opt/hspc-root/custom/template/HSPC/WebSystemLib/web_header.tmpl and modify /var/opt/hspc-root/custom/template/HSPC/WebSystemLib/web_header.tmpl to include any custom CSS files.
    Please note, httpd restart is required to apply changes.

    Yuri Tarasov
    SWsoft Support Team
  3. jwander

    jwander Bit Poster

    Piggybacking on this previous question, if I would like to customize the stylesheets discussed above, is it valid to copy them from hspc-root/skins/[myskin]/style to hspc-root/custom/skins/[myskin]/style and restart hspcd or would I need to update the template as discussed above to point to a new template?

    i.e. is the same customization mechanism implemented for skins that is implemented for templates etc?

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