Migration tools for Parallels Plesk Expand, Helm, Plesk Panel, Parallels H-Sphere

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  1. Alex Goncharov

    Alex Goncharov Odin Team

    Announcing the availability of migration tools for Parallels Plesk Expand, Helm, Plesk Panel, Parallels H-Sphere

    - Migration from: Parallels Expand 2.x, Parallels Plesk Panel 8.6.x, 9.x, Parallels Helm, Parallels H-Sphere 3.6.3
    - Migration to: Parallels Plesk Automation 11.5
    - What's migrated: accounts, web, DB, mail, DNS
    - Links to migration tools: http://www.parallels.com/products/pl...ion/downloads/
    - Links to documentation: http://www.parallels.com/products/pl...documentation/

    Parallels recommends that all customers using Parallels Expand, Helm, H-Sphere start testing and planning migration to Parallels Plesk Automation.

    Top reasons for migrating to Parallels Plesk Automation 11.5

    • Improve security by migrating all your shared hosting customers to updated, patched and secure infrastructure.
    • Offer more capabilities, including new high-performance hybrid hosting services and premium email services.
    • Increase performance by using dedicated workloads.
    • Provide a better customer experience with unified user interface across all your products and services.
    • Simplify administration and reduce cost. Use a single pane of glass to manage all your hosting subscriptions.
    • Increase performance.

    Parallels will provide everything you need to migrate, free of charge, including:

    • 6 month PPA Management Node license, unlimited service nodes, unlimited web sites
    • 6 month PPA Billing Node license, unlimited accounts
    • 6 month Web Presence Builder license, unlimited web sites
    • 6 month free technical support service
    • Free migration assistance by a dedicated migration team

    Request free migration assistance services now

  2. Gremlin@

    Gremlin@ Bit Poster

    Will there ever be a migration tool from HELM3 to PPA ?
  3. GT_ricardo

    GT_ricardo Kilo Poster

    Hi Alex,

    Can you please update the migration tool to support migration from Plesk Panel 12.x.

    I am getting "You are trying to migrate from Plesk version '12.0.18'. Migration from this version is not supported yet."
  4. GT_ricardo

    GT_ricardo Kilo Poster

    Anyone from Parallels, any plans for upgrading de ppa-transfer tool? Currently I have more then 1000 domains to migrate :-(.
  5. JamesJames

    JamesJames Kilo Poster

    Has anyone done a real migration from Hsphere to PPA yet? I'd like to hear about your experience please.

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