Migrate from old PPA 11.1 to PPA 11.5 on new servers

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    No, we migration from PA 11.1 to PA 11.5 is not supported. But you can upgrade your PA 11.1 installation as described at: http://download.automation.odin.com/ppa/11.5/docs/en-US/online/ppa_operations_guide/72401.htm
    Here you can find Best Practices: https://kb.odin.com/en/120501
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    It's difficult to say without any details. It depends on network configuration of old and new ISP.

    If you are talking about moving nodes to another DC with changing IP addresses, in common process is the following:

    1. Move service nodes to the new DataCenter, change IP addresses of the nodes to new ones.
    2. Go to the management node and apply new IP addresses in PA (perform the actions below for every service node):

    # ppa.ip_address --host-id <host ID> --make-map map_file

    open the file `map_file` and edit it like below:

    # You should edit IP addresses, netmasks and interfaces to reflect your
    # future settings. If you don't want the IP address to be changed - leave it untouched or
    # comment out or remove a certain line from the file.
    Old main ip=
    New main ip=
    Old communication ip=
    New communication ip=

    where `` is the old IP and `` is the new one. (it's just example).

    Next, apply new IP addresses in PA:

    # ppa.ip_address --host-id <host ID> map_file

    **Note:** You can retrieve <host ID> from the service nodes list: **Provider panel > Infrastructure > Service Nodes**

    3. After all service nodes are migrated the management node can be moved to the new location as well. The scenario is the same as on step 2, <host ID> is 1.

    1) Service nodes must be available by new IP addresses to PA Management node and via versa on step 1 and 2.

    2) `ppa.ip_address` utility available in PA 11.5, but not in PA 11.1.

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