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    So I am noticing a trend amongst small webhosting companies that I want to buy and I wonder if HSPC/PBA can look into it.

    Small webhosting companies are using Quickbooks, Quickbooks pro and a smattering of other "off the shelf" software products to manage their bookkeeping and customer datababases instead of using PBA. This causes a problem because I cannot import them using the migration manager especially when the target company has over 100 customers in their database. It has to all be done by hand, which is time consuming.

    I have a company that I wish to buy and they have over 500 clients, are using Plesk only and Quickbooks pro to manage their billing. It is a wonder that anyone stays with this company because their billing is never on time. To top it off their is not a way for their clients to pay online.

    It would be really cool if PBA had a Quickbooks API so that I could import the customer base along with the Plesk customers migration manager, instead of doing it all by hand.

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    Hello Chris,

    We are not planning to implement migration from Quickbooks in the near future.
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    Any news...

    Any news on the implementations of PBAs 3.4? What we can expect or do we have to wait for the Summit?
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