Memory usage in PVA 3x higher for VM than "top"

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    I have two VMs set up in our test bed, one was created by cloning of the other. Both are running pfSense, so are set as "other FreeBSD." PVA shows dramatically more memory usage than the VM shows. With 1 GB of RAM per VM (2 MB video RAM), the vast majority of the time I've looked I see something like:

    PVA shows: 650 MB used out of 1 GB
    pfSense's web interface shows: 14% of 989 MB used
    "top" (run inside the VM) shows: 17M active, 71M inactive, 105M wired, 769M free

    The resource graph in PVA has occasional steep dips but is usually at the higher level. How does PVA calculate memory usage? I realize that without an agent installed it would likely be less accurate but if it shows a number I wouldn't think it would show an inaccurate one...?
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    Yes, PVA shows information available from the host for VM application - amount of RAM used by guest system.
    Generally it also includes cache and buffers - top consider them as 'free'.
    More detailed reports are available only for Virtual machines with installed Parallels Tools (n/a for Free BSD :-( ).

    For VMs with installed guest tools you could get low-level reports with:

    # prlctl statistics 9544f148-07c9-437e-9708-ede3f80bac49 --filter "guest.ram.*"
    guest.ram.cached: 232
    guest.ram.usage: 887
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    Well that's more interesting... :)

    guest.cpu.time: 369674
    guest.cpu.usage: 0
    guest.ram.cached: 0
    guest.ram.usage: 0

    I'm not too worried about it I just thought it was odd. Presumably it will be more accurate in a container or supported VM OS.
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