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Discussion in 'PSA 5.0 Troubleshooting and Problems' started by gmanea, Oct 11, 2002.

  1. gmanea

    gmanea Guest

    I have some users with massive log files, etc one client has a log file that is over 500mb just from the last few days.

    What am i supposed to do about this before i run out of hdd space ?
  2. zebbedi

    zebbedi Guest

    You can setup log rotation for a limit of say 100mb.
    Login to plesk, goto the domain and click "Log" then activate it and set your rotation specifications
  3. gmanea

    gmanea Guest

    Thankyou for the info, but how will doing this affect webalizer, plesk stats and anything else ?

  4. zebbedi

    zebbedi Guest

    Well which log files are the ones that are getting large? The log rotation script will rotate the domains access_log and error_log ones.
  5. gmanea

    gmanea Guest

    access_log. processed as the logs using so much space.
  6. zebbedi

    zebbedi Guest

    Ok, well unless im misunderstanding then, setup the log rotation for 100mb or something and then set it to 1 log rotation and then access_log.processed will be deleted as soon as it reaches 100mb.
  7. RaGe

    RaGe Guest

    Then what does it do if you have it set to 100mb and 3 max files?
  8. zebbedi

    zebbedi Guest

    I believe youll end up with your actual access_log file and then two access_log.processed ones. Then once the main file fills up to 100mb it will delete one of the existing processed ones and rename the current one to a processed one.
  9. GWDGuy

    GWDGuy Guru

    sorry to jump in on this thread but I have tried that and nothing happens and the logs just sit.

    I have it now set to rotate the logs every day and still nothing. It is turned on (I can tell because of the pretty green buton:))

    Any ideas way this will not delete the two day old log files.

    I have a lot or people on the server and it is eating up a ton of space.

  10. charlie@

    charlie@ Kilo Poster

    description of log files

    Assuming that all web sites on a server have been set to save compressed log files for six weeks or six months, is this discription of the files found in the logs directory

    (today's log)

    (cummulative log for week or month
    depending how your logs are set to be archived)

    (your compressed log files for the last
    six weeks or months)

    (the error log for this week or month
    depending how your logs are set to be

    (your compressed error log files for the last
    six weeks or months)
  11. Jonathan

    Jonathan Guest

    I've tried every combination for log rotation and access_log. processed is never touched. It just grows and grows???

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