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    Hi there!.

    We require assistance to investigate and resolve an issue in our Parallels Plesk platform. Problem Description:

    Some scheduled tasks on PPA are failing to execute. Some of the scheduled tasks that we know are failing are:

    · Update the status of the webspace

    · Reread a list of components on the node

    · Create the webspace with ID xxxx in the Hosting Panel

    The last time this tasks executed correctly was 2 days ago (15-01).

    They all fail with the same error:

    “Connection problem: Please check the PPA system log /usr/local/ppa/log/plesk.log for details.”

    The log (/usr/local/ppa/log/plesk.log) states only 2 Warnings (this warnings exist from years ago, so they seem unrelated) and 1 error:

    · PHP Warning: Unknown: Compilation failed: (*VERB) not recognized at offset 12 in Unknown on line 0

    · PHP Warning: Unknown: apc_regex_compile_array: invalid expression '/(*phpMyAdmin*)/' in Unknown on line 0

    · ERR (3) [panel]: Operation in POA failed: [no error code] Connection problem: Please check the PPA system log /usr/local/ppa/log/plesk.log for details.

    Review of additional logs have not provided any other information.

    All tests have returned no errors, and connectivity amongst servers seems fine:

    · check_service_node

    · health_check

    · ppa.services

    · ppa.sn_test
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