Linking to CP with external Store(XML::API)

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    We recently purchased PBAS but the built-in store is to complex for our market. Therefore we created a external Store using the Store XML API (SOAP) connection. The API works great but we got into a problem. We need to setup a link to the built-in Control Panel with single sign login. The API provides me with a cp session id but if i try something like$sidvalue i'm only getting a login screen. How do i setup this link so the customer is logged in?

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    Rick van den Dijssel
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    Hi Rick,

    The URL should be in the following format: http://my_server/cp/login.cgi?sid=$sidvalue

    Example of URL to a specific CP page:
    - logs customer by session id and opens a screen with subscription #1.

    Insert base 64 encoded string instead of "base64(xxx)" in the URL above.
    "sid" argument may be omitted if a customer is logged in already (has active session).
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    Thanks this was helpfull

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