Leftover .migrated directory after migrating VM to Virtuozzo 7

Discussion in 'Containers and Virtual Machines Discussion' started by SteveITS, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. SteveITS

    SteveITS Tera Poster

    We successfully migrated a Windows VM from VZ6 to VZ7. It copied the drives and VM config into /vstorage/cluster1/vmprivate/NewGUID/ but left behind a /vstorage/cluster1/vmprivate/vmname.migrated directory. Can that just be deleted if the server is working fine?

  2. Pavel

    Pavel A.I. Auto-Responder Staff Member

    Hello Steve,

    Yes, of course you can. This .migrated is just for safety - to allow one to bring up old VM on vz6 fast if anything went wrong.

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