Issues with PPA 11.5u23

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    I don't know where else to go. The support has ended for this product and we have 500 domains on here with more people coming in all the time.
    However I'm having problems adding accounts. When I try to "Change system user settings" un Creating a new Webspace, I get "
    Unable to validate this field: The backend utility raised the error: Connection to the agent at '' failed."

    I have no idea where to start troubleshooting this. When support was there it was excellent, issues like this would have been taken care of right away.

    Also, was trying to migrate some domains to a new email server using the ppa-move-subscriptions script provided by parallels. However that is erroring as well. With a great error:

    ppa-move-subscriptions copy-mail-content config.ini --move-list-file migrate-nodes/move-list.xml
    [INFO] Initialize migrator
    [INFO] All temporary data files will be placed in '/opt/panel-migrator/sessions/migrate-nodes'
    [INFO] PPA management node:
    [INFO] PPA Plesk URL:
    [INFO] Move list from 'migrate-nodes/move-list.xml' is used
    [INFO] START: copy mail content from source to target node
    [INFO] Execute for subscriptions: ''
    [INFO] Copy mail content of '' subscription
    [ERROR] Failed to perform an action on subscription ''. Exception message:
    [INFO] FINISH: copy mail content from source to target node
    [INFO] ******************** Summary ********************
    [INFO] Operation finished successfully for 0 out of 1 subscriptions

    Argh. No idea there either!
    I sure hope someone can help me out here or at least point me in the right direction.


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