Issues on creating Chunk Servers

Discussion in 'Post-Deployment: Configuration and Setup' started by AlexsanderR, Aug 2, 2015.

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    After reinstalling a HW Node via PCS DVD, I've got some issues to add the node to cluster (previous HW was still registered there), therefore reinstalled as "Basic Storage Devices", and than added manually to Cluster successfully (after some maneuver to remove the previous registration, following some KBs) and installed Agent and Chunk Server Services.

    Everything seems to be running okay (pstorage ans shaman stats), but I'm unable to add the HDDs (4 HDD of 4TB each) to work as Chunk Servers, always getting the error below:

    [root@pcs4 ~]# /usr/libexec/pstorage/prepare_pstorage_drive /dev/sdd
    ALL data on /dev/sdd will be completely destroyed. Are you sure to continue? [y]y
    Zeroing out beginning and end of /dev/sdd...
    Partitioning /dev/sdd...
    Failed to repartition disk /dev/sdd:
    Could not commit to disk /dev/sdd
    [root@pcs4 ~]#

    Any idea where to start looking for?

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    Hello Alex!

    Please check that none of partitions from that disk are mounted.
    If there are some mounted than please unmount them and try to start the script again.

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