ip pool id is not defined.

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting' started by crops, Jul 18, 2005.

  1. crops

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    Hi there again,

    i get the following error while trying to add a new PLESK DOMAIN based on a hosting of type PLESK DOMAIN.. :

    Process provisioning for order; Unrecoverable error occured while adding new domain: Can not add domain 'domain.com for Plesk account: Domain adding was failed. Error: Unable to check ip address existing in ip pool: ip pool id is not defined.

    Look problem # p2005-07-18_17-52-15 for details.

    (where is the problem to look at??? )

    rocess provisioning for order; Plesk client was not found for HSP account #283 on HN #27 or failed to create: Can not add IP address to Plesk client pool: Can`t add ip to IPpool, error: IP xxx.xxx.xx.xx does not exist or belongs to IP pool of another client

    Look problem # p2005-07-18_17-51-04 for details.

    any help on this would be appeciated
  2. fenster

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    You can retrieve problem reports in Support -> Problems viewer or in /var/log/hspc/.

    If you attach a complete problem report text, it will help us to investigate a problem. You can also create a support ticket.

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