Installing Plesk on multi vps

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  1. Christy H.

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    Actually i'm running Xenserver hyper-visor and i created 5 VM and 1VM for pfSense so all VMs are in range attached to pfSenese LAN interface. pfSense has two interfaces: LAN ( as a gateway for all VMs) and WAN with Failover_IP (public IP).

    II NATted between the public ip and the VM that hosts Plesk (Bind installed underhood), but the problem is that I installed two Plesk in two different VMs and i can't NAT for example http port (80) to two VMs within pfsense.

    Instead of buying another Public IP can i use one IP to and forward http/smtp/pop3/dns traffics to different VMs using 1 public IP?

    Please advise
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    This forum is dedicated to Virtuozzo-related questions, while your question is related to Plesk and Xen.
    Please post your question on a Plesk forum:

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