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    am interested to start a business for the sale of web housting, domain registration, VPS and dedicated servers.
    I had really thought about Busines Parallels Automation installing a Virtuozzo container for a future migration.

    I have the following server to start with 4 Virtuozzo container:

    Processor: Intel Core2Duo 2x 2.66 + GHz 4 MB L2 - FSB 1066 MHz
    Architecture: 64 bits
    RAM: 4 GB DDR2
    HD: 2x 750 GB - SATA2
    RAID 0 / 1
    Fixed IP: 1 +4

    IP addresses are assigned one per Virtuozzo Containers

    The 4 are so Virtualization served:

    No. 1 - Parallels Business Automation
    No. 2 - ns1
    No. 3 - ns2
    No. 4 - Plesk Panel

    I wondered, but the name servers ns1 and ns2 are updated automatically by PAB?
    How can a virtual server for the server name?
    We need more software for the name server?

    This is obviously to start with a minimum charge, then as you climb to success.

    Secure than your help, thank you in advance.

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