Hyper-V replica of VM with 2 virtual disks

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    I have 2 physical servers with Windows Server 2012 R2 acting only as Hyper-V servers (Hyper-V replica is configured)

    Server 1 : HDD = 300 GB (2 disks, RAID1)

    Server 2 : HDD = 300 GB (2 disks, RAID1)

    On server 1 runs only one virtual machine; the configured virtual disk is 200 GB

    Now I need to have much more space on the virtual machine so I was thinking to add another RAID1 array to both physical servers to have more space to create an additional virtual disk for my virtual machine

    Server 1 : C: HDD = 300 GB, D: HDD = 1 TB

    Server 2 : C: HDD = 300GB, E: HDD = 1 TB

    I will create the new virtual disk for my VM in Server 1 D: as I need to have a really big additional disk. My question is: how will work replica ?

    Is it necessary to configure "somewhere" that replica of first virtual disk must go from Server 1 C: to Server 2 C: and replica of second virtual disk must go from Server 1 D: to Server 2 E: ? Will Hyper-V manage it "automatically" ?

    Thank you
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    Dear Alex,

    This is not a Hyper-V forum. Please address your question to MS technet.

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