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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Brick, Aug 27, 2004.

  1. Brick

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    Hey All,

    Looks like the HSPc community isn't quite as active on forums as some of the others :)

    I'm just curious if the vzcache utility in Virtuozzo 2.6 will allow the application versions to show correctly in the HSPc control panel?

    For example, if i create a VE and use up2date to update all applications to the latest stable versions, then move them to the vzcache area to make them (almost) like a template, will they show the version in the customer CP, or is the only way to do that with an actual template, inclding an XML configuration file?

    I'm really just wondering how people are updating app templates in their HSPc systems, as it seems to be a real chore to create app templates for every errata notification in order to keep the systems secure (we do it, but i'm just wondering if there is an easier, less time consuming way), because of the rpm dependancies that must be satisfied to keep the system happy.

    A solution would definately be community participation, as i saw mentioned in the Virtuozzo forum, involving the exchanging of app templates like rpms. That would help all of our systems be much more secure.

    Thanks! Look forward to hearing from some HSPc admins / users...
  2. olsh

    olsh Odin Team

    Hi Brick,

    vzcache will not change anything in HSPcomplete interface currently. In order to get template shown in HSPcompete interface (Control Panel or admin interface) you need to package it with two config files (described in the HSPcomplete Integration Guide) and install it from HSPcomplete.

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