HSPC and Virtuozzo 3.0?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by advantagecom, Mar 12, 2006.

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    We've been using HSPC since 2002 and have gone through several version changes. We're now on HSPC 3.2.2 with virtuozzo 2.6.2.

    Virtuozzo 3.0 has features we've been wanting for a long time like support for something newer than Fedora Core 2 and support for 2.6 kernels with online filesystem resizing.

    Any word on when HSPC will support Virtuozzo 3.0 and how long it will take before an upgrade path materializes? If there is no timeline will it likely be longer or shorter than six months from now?

    The reason I ask is that I have a couple new nodes to setup and I'm hoping I can avoid the "reformat and install a newer OS" upgrade path of the past as HSPC moved to newer virtuozzo versions. I don't know if I should install a base OS supported by virtuozzo 2.6.2 or a base OS supported by virtuozzo 3.0.

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    HSPcomplete is integrating with Virtuozzo by means of XML API. Thus, HSPcomplete 3.2.2 works fine with Virtuozzo 3.0 (just because of backward compatibility of Virtuozzo API).

    Although, there are two things you need to know about this integration:

    1) If you're upgrading Virtuozzo node from 2.6.2 version with 2.4 kernel to 3.0 version with 2.6 kernel - you need to adjust VPS resource limits due to Linux kernel 2.6 is a little bit more resource-intensive than kernel 2.4 (resources to be adjusted are: kmemsize, numfiles, dcachesize).

    This means you need to adjust resource limits on both sides - HSPcomplete database and actual VPS configuration. SWsoft support has conversion utility to automate this adjustment.

    2) Support for two new features of Virtuozzo 3.0 are still being developed in HSPcomplete: EZtemplates and Simplified SLM ('slmmemorylimit' parameter). These two features will be supported in the next release of HSPcomplete which is planned to be released in Q2'2006.

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