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Discussion in 'Installation and "How-To" Questions' started by partial, May 19, 2005.

  1. partial

    partial Guest

    I know that the HSP control panel provides users with an interface to manage autoresponders. Does anyone know if this can be disabled in order to let Openwebmail manage the autoresponders as it has the capability to do?


  2. fenster

    fenster Tera Poster

    Don't install autoresponder-majordomo application template to the VPS.
  3. partial

    partial Guest

    Can this change be made only on a global scale?

    If the system is already setup, is it possible to remove the autoresponder application? Also, is it only possible to make this as a global change as opposed to changing individual profiles on the system?

  4. partial

    partial Guest

    If I remove the autoresponder application from a system already installed, will this have any adverse effects on any other components?

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