how to unzip zip files from file manager

Discussion in 'Installation and "How-To" Questions' started by churd, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. churd

    churd Guest

    HI - Just transferred my site to a VPS with the HSPcomplete Control Panel. I can't figure out how to unzip a zipped file -- there is an unpack command, but it won't work on a zip file. Am I missing another way to unzip?

  2. aaabyss

    aaabyss Kilo Poster

    Me too????

    HOW do we UNZIP files in file manager???


  3. churd

    churd Guest

    not possible?

    I don't think there is a way -- I even asked my hosting provider. I had to FTP everything in. Filezilla works great and it's free. If you have a large database -- that's another problem. My host had to transfer that for me due to size limitations with PHPmyadmin.
  4. aaabyss

    aaabyss Kilo Poster

    Well they should certainly have it!

    All the OTHER CP's have that capability?

    PLESK, are you LISTENING?
  5. aaabyss

    aaabyss Kilo Poster

    Re: not possible?

    Hi churd,

    I got filezilla and still do not see any way to unzip on the remote server??? :confused:

  6. churd

    churd Guest


    You won't be able to unzip it on your server -- you'll need to unzip your files on your own computer. Then select all the files, or the folder containing the files, and drag/drop it over to the correct folder on your server. I think you have to have drag/drop enabled somewhere in the settings, but that's the way I like to do it. In other words, Filezilla will have a window on the left for your computer, and a window for your server on the right. You unzip on your computer, than drag all the unzipped files from the left window over to their proper destination on your server, on the right hand window.
  7. aaabyss

    aaabyss Kilo Poster

    Hey thanks again churd.

    Yeah I know all that but there should just be an EASIER way to unzip compressed files on the server OTHER than having to login though a shell or something - such as THOUGH the CONTROL PANEL!!!

    PLESK are you LISTENING????
  8. mstram

    mstram Guest

    Obviously by the date of your post and the fact that their latest version 8.22 still doesn't have this capability means that they are not listening, and that whoever made this original design decision was .... well I'll restrain myself.

    I spent an hour looking for this "obvious" feature, then broke down and contacted my hosting tech support only to be told that it was not possible to decompress / "unarchive" a file that was already uploaded.

    Also, since there's no 'wget' function in the panel, it means you have to download to your local machine, then re-upload to the hosting server, .. just so that you can uncompress the file !

    How stupid is that?

    There's also no "progress indicator" when decompressing, and I've had the decompress fail many times .. no error messages .. no logs to check !

    My first encounter with this software was on a host where I'm doing coldfusion programming, and I've started to write a cold fusion program that ftp's the files from one of my other accounts (a Linux) box.

    I've only signed up for a month with the host that's using Plesk, and at the moment, mainly because of this software, I'm going to be looking for another host that uses a different control panel.

    Give me ssh and a Linux box any day, I can work 50x faster than with this kludgy gui.


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