How to restore specific container from backupid in virtuzoo linux

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  1. Hardy

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    We have one container let say 101 and we want to restore container 102 from backupid which we have so can below is the correct command to use the restoration ?

    vzarestore -B -e /backup/containerbackups/74d73784-ab7c-4b6c-9a87-83d4705d422a/20061207075121:101

    /backup/containerbackups/74d73784-ab7c-4b6c-9a87-83d4705d422a/20061207075121 ---> It is the path where backup file stored and backup id is 74d73784-ab7c-4b6c-9a87-83d4705d422a/20061207075121

    Kindly guide us above command is correct or not ?

    We are looking forward for your reply.

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  2. Hardy

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    Hello Plesk People,

    We have tried to restore container

    our backup is stored at /backup/containerbackups/

    vzarestore -b 74d73784-ab7c-4b6c-9a87-83d4705d422a/20061207075121

    but it gives below error

    Backup 74d73784-ab7c-4b6c-9a87-83d4705d422a/20061207075121 info is not available.

    We have search your KB and found below link

    As per the KB link we have checked backup path using below command

    vzabackup --view-folder localhost


    and its giving correct backup location where our backup is stored .

    Can you guide us what is the resolution of the issue ?

    We are looking forward for your reply.

  3. Pavel

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    Hello Hardy,

    If I understand you correctly command would be:

    # vzarestore -B -e 74d73784-ab7c-4b6c-9a87-83d4705d422a/20061207075121:101
    It will restore container backup with ID "74d73784-ab7c-4b6c-9a87-83d4705d422a/20061207075121" to a container 101. In result you will have container 101 which is in the state which was preserved in the backup

    However, for this command to work you must ensure backups is listed within pva agent.
    Run "vzarestore -l " and check if it is listed. If it is not - apparently it was copied manually, or created from another server.
    You'll need to refresh PVA Agent's inner backup database. Simple way to do it - call a command:
    # /opt/pva/agent/bin/vzbackupsync
    OR. restart PVA Agent:
    # pvaagent restart
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  4. Hardy

    Hardy Kilo Poster

    Hello Pavel,

    Thanks for the update and resolution.
    We will try your solution and we will let you know if we face any issue.
    Thanks for the support and guide.


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