How to properly install OS templates?

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  1. Wintermute

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    Why is the windows template install so different from the linux one?

    From HSPc OS template install window I can type in the name of a windows template, that is ANY NAME whatsoever wheter it exists or not and HSPc does NOT will even go as far as synchronizing the server... and I can create hosting plans with it and everything, but when I try to create a VPS from a hostiong plan I get the error "template must exist on managment NODE"
    or something like that...

    I went as far as installing the template
    on the actuall hardware node (windows) through the VMC so it exists there...
    when I try to install it thought HSPC there is no upload process ...

    what am i doing wrong ?
    I can create VPS' on the windows hardware node but manually though the VMC..which defeats the purpose of managing it through HSPc... even after its created from the VMC I can not resolve conflicts and register the VPS in HDPc becasue it says the OS template is NOT installed on the management node.

    What managment node is it referring too.. the windows hardware node or the HSPC node ? If its the former something is definetly wrong becasue if the template wasn't installed the VPS would not exist in the first place !!

    please advise...

  2. blinov

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    Hi, Winter.

    I believe you're using HSPcomplete 3.2, since the question has been arisen :)

    HSPcomplete doesn’t actually manage Virtuozzo for Windows templates, it just save information about which template is installed on which node in order to use this information for calculations on VPS operations (such as VPS creation, application installation, VPS migration).

    So the process should be:
    1. Install template on Virtuozzo for Windows node manually (by means of VZMC, command line, etc.).
    2. Register template in HSPcomplete at PCC > Service Director > Virtuozzo Manager > OS Templates > New OS Template
    Note: For example for OS template filename will be w2k3
    3. Then find your template in the list
    4. On hardware nodes tab check checkboxes corresponding to the nodes you have the template installed
    5. Press register button.
    6. Now HSPcomplete knows where to provision VPSes which needs the template.

    However HSPcomplete 3.3 has EFD templates support and provides the same management capabilities both for Virtuozzo for linux and virtuozzo for windows template.

    If you have any further questions could you open a support ticket in order to let us help you in your environment, please?


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