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    In my plan to offer some how to's, I thought I would offer some of the tips and tricks I have learned along the way in setting up PBAS to do certain things.

    We never could find any information on how to switch a Plesk hosted site from Windows 2003 server to, we went through and created our own method. Hope you enjoy.

    (Note: We have tested this in version 4.1.5 and up. Your results may vary)

    In PBAS

    1. Create a Dev. domain: Go to Service Director > Plesk Manager> Domains. Click New Plesk Domain.
    2. Assign this subscription to the account being migrated (example: You have owned by mycompany. Select the mycompany account and Plesk for Unix.) Another method is to setup a provider FREE account, and assign the dev.domainame to that account...this will prevent emails and billing happening. Look below for more information on this.
    3. Fill out relevant information for subscription period, hardware, plan, etc.
    4. Next, select "Use an existing domain..." and create a dev. subdomain for the domain being migrated. Use defaults for the rest of setup.
    5. Processing domain: If you used the customers account, go to Account Director > Customer Manager > Customers, find that customer and look at Billing History. Click on Order for Dev. domain and then process order immediately.
    6. Paying invoice: Now, open the invoice, change payment method and pay by credit adjustment --NOTE** - This method will only be used if the customer has more than a month left on their old subscription...if not, change end date. This method will be used if the customer had time left (more than a month) on their old sub. Change the new sub to end when the old plan ends. This way they will be billed for the new sub come due date. Change original plan to NOT GENERATE Renewals.

    (Using a FREE account: After completion, go to FREE account and look at subscriptions. Choose the new Dev and then "Change Account". During this change, make sure to check allow usage downgrades, generate zero balance and skip sending emails. This will assign the new Dev. site to the correct customer.)

    Now you can move customers data over. Make sure to migrate customers emails, etc. We usually will create the site first (copy content), move over databases, etc. Then we will create email addresses, ftp accounts last, and export mail using Imap or Pop and downloading mail for each user. Your results could vary...use your best method.

    Now, lets switch to Linux,,,

    1. Upload old site (as explained above): This will be based on style of site. This method only works for HTML static, PHP, Wordpress/Drupal or Web Presence sites. Discretion is the admins. If you have enabled ASP, good luck.
    2. Convert to new Linux site: Go to the new plesk subscriptions node (the node containing the new site) and remove the Dev. from the domain to make it the real domain name. Click Websites and Domains tab, Click on domain name at bottom of page. Remove the dev. from domain. Hit OK.
    3. Go to the original domain, and following the method above, ADD old. to domain. Also, log into the Plesk server, Go to IIS, find the old.domainname site. Open properties, click advanced. Add the original domain name back to this tab, so it will continue to resolve.
    4. Go back to PBAS and head to Domain Manager. Find the original domain. Open and move the new subscription in and remove the old. (Make sure the sub has changed from dev. or this will not work.). Go BACK to Plesk and add an entry (like test.domainname) in the DNS settings. Finally, go BACK to PBAS and Synchronize suppliers which is under DNS record suppliers.

    This method works for us, as we are trying to consolidate and remove Windows servers. If a site is static html, php or web presence, it only makes sense to use Linux to keep costs down.

    Raymond Hayes
    Systems Administration - SiteDart Hosting / Dnet Internet Services
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