How to migrate from Plesk 5.0.5 to Plesk 7

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    Hello. I need help in the following problem:
    Now i have one server RH 7.0.3 and plesk 5.0.5. I must migrate to another server(another box) RH ES 3 with Plest 7 allready installed. I read all posts about the upgrade from plesk 5.0.5 to 7.1(reload), through plesk 6. But i can't do it this way, i can not touch first server with plesk 5.0.5. Why can not I backup configuration and data from plesk 5.0.5 and restore it on Plesk7 ? Or may be I can update backup from Plesk 5.0.5 to backup for Plesk 7?
    May be you know other methods? All proposals are welcomed.

    May be I can use Selective restore?
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    The only way to handle this situation is to install/upgrade your Plesk installation to 7.5 or higher on the destination server (7.0.3) which has Migration Manager and then to migrate domains. PMM can migrate from any version, even form 5.0.3.

    You will not be able to perform backup/restore because every version of plesk has its own backup format.

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