How to bill resellers or how resellers get benefited for delegated plans

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  1. ChamithDMS

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    I've setup a reseller account and added a service plan as a delegated plan to the reseller created service template. When an end user owned to the particular reseller buys a plan, where does the money goes to..? Directly to Provider or reseller..?
    If directly goes to Provider, then please let me know how reseller can get a commission out a plan sold through a reseller...?
    If payment received to reseller, then please let me know how Provider get part of the payment via PBA.

    - Chamith
  2. FedorK

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    In OBAS (PBAS) each reseller should configure own Payment Plugin for collect money from customer.

    If you ask about PBA please ask in Parallels support, this forum related to PBAS only.

    Thank you

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