How to apply updates for PPA

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    I've created this topic to describe how to apply updates for PPA. Currently, in order to install updates, you need to run command line utlity "/usr/local/ppa/bin/ppa_update" manually. Later this process will be automated.

    1. To check new updates. Here is example:

    # /usr/local/ppa/bin/ppa_update
    2012-10-30 21:54:50,988 [INFO]: Found PPA version (11, 0, 0, 'RELEASE') update #5
    2012-10-30 21:54:50,988 [INFO]: Checking for updates...
    2012-10-30 21:54:50,999 [INFO]: No new updates are available

    2. To install updates. Here is example:

    #/usr/local/ppa/bin/ppa_update --install-updates

    In this case, updates will be installed on management node and then, schedule tasks to apply updates on service nodes as well. You can track the tasks status in PPA -> Task Manager

    3. If you will install PPA from scratch, all updates for current PPA release will be installed automatically.
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