How i can block control panel to user ?

Discussion in 'PSA 2.0 'How do I' Questions' started by Maxximo, Dec 18, 2001.

  1. Maxximo

    Maxximo Guest

    How i can block control panel to some clients ?
    How i can block link to mysql in client-panel ?

    tks Max
  2. superfly

    superfly Guest

    To block the Client from the CP you can turn the Client OFF. To do this enter into PSA as the Admin then select the Client and select the ON/OFF option.

    As far as mysql goes, you can not eliminate the Databases button, but if you go into Client / Preferences / Permissions you can limit the number of Databases a client can create... OR if your Client is not able to create domains, you can set limits within any given domain using Domain / Preferences. So just set his limit on Databases to Zero. :)

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