How do slave dns updates happen?

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  1. AndyMG

    AndyMG Kilo Poster

    How are the records on slave DNS servers updated ? Does it use the settings in the SOA section of the zone files to determine how often slaves are updated ?
    18        ; serial
    14400     ; refresh (4 hours)
    7200      ; retry (2 hours)
    2419200   ; expire (4 weeks)
    3600      ; minimum (1 hour)
    Is there any way for master to push out notifications to slaves OR get slaves to update their DNS sooner.

    The main reason for this is it seems adding an entry on the master (via the GUI) is taking ages to appear on the slave.
  2. Andrew Andriatis

    Andrew Andriatis Odin Team

    What UI are you using to change the zone? When you do it from the customer panel, the updates of all NS-s for that subscription are scheduled at the same time. There is a timeout for these tasks execution to avoid too frequent updates. You can see updates for each NS in the Task Manager.

    Andrey Andriatis
  3. SteveITS

    SteveITS Tera Poster

    AndyMG, see: Without "notify" or manually re-transferring the zone on the slave(s) it will wait for the next refresh.

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