How can verify Hotplug is function or not?

Discussion in 'Post-Deployment: Configuration and Setup' started by Machiasiaweb, Sep 14, 2015.

  1. Machiasiaweb

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    I have configured hotplug function.

    The hotplugd could not running and it showing "Checking pstorage-hotplugd: dead" status when checking with

    /etc/init.d/hotplugd status.

    and /var/log/pstorage/hotplugd.log

    also showing "14-09-15 10:58:42.886 No controllers found"

    However, I can find it keeps to have some log at "/var/log/pstorage/hotplug.log"

    Like following
    14-09-15 12:36:57.350 /dev/sdc1: Already mounted: /pstorage/pcs08cs-cs3
    14-09-15 12:36:57.351 /dev/sdd1: Already mounted: /pstorage/pcs08cs-cs2
    Model: HP LOGICAL VOLUME (scsi)
    Disk /dev/sdg: 900GB
    Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/512B
    Partition Table: gpt

    Number Start End Size File system Name Flags
    1 32.8kB 537MB 537MB fat16 EFI System Partition boot
    2 537MB 300GB 299GB ext4

    14-09-15 12:36:57.353 /dev/sdi: Num of partitions: 2
    14-09-15 12:36:57.353 /dev/sde: Num of partitions: 2
    14-09-15 12:36:57.379 New partition found: /dev/sdi2
    14-09-15 12:36:57.380 New partition found: /dev/sde2
    14-09-15 12:36:57.382 /dev/sdi2: Detected right label
    14-09-15 12:36:57.382 New partition found: /dev/sdh2
    14-09-15 12:36:57.383 /dev/sde2: Detected right label
    14-09-15 12:36:57.386 /dev/sdk2: Detected right label
    14-09-15 12:36:57.387 /dev/sdi2: Already mounted: /pstorage/pcscluster-cs1

    Does it means hotplug is running or not?

    What different between following log?


  2. Pavel

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    Please disregard the "service is dead" response. pstorage hotplugd is working via udev rules and does not require any daemon running full-time.
    it only sets up udev rules on startup, and exits.

    The fact you have these messages logged in the hotplug.log means it is working appropriately - it checks the disk labels as intended.
    hotplugd.log is written only on startup (afaik), it logs process of setting up the udev rules (including detection of RAID controllers. In your case none are found, and it is normal situation).

    To sum up:
    hotplugd.log - logs service startup - how raid controllers are detected and how udevd rules are set up. No errors - everything is fine.
    hotplug.log - logs actions performed against the disks when disks are detected and checked.

    All signs show that hotplug is working properly.
    If, after all, you believe hotplug is not working appropriately - I'd recommend you to contact technical support.

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