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    Regarding the DB connect failed error ( on line 108 in /home/httpd/vhosts/webmail/horde/lib/sql.php)

    I put the full system path to the file DB.php in the pear directory in the horde system path.And still got the error.In horde.log I got an access denied error for horde user@host(golfer).Now the horde user exist in our mysql system but it exist only for localhost so I inserted a new record in the mysql database with the same values as for the horde@localhost user but for the horde@host user (my host is called golfer so it becomes : horde@golfer).So i inserted new record in user table and db table(for the host golfer).And lo and behold no more problems!
    This helped me out.Two problems seemed to be solved; the connect failed error and once I was logged in (afer reloading a couple of times)an error stating a wrong index (in menu.inc line 53).
    I hope this is helpfull in some way to other users with the same errors.
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    I Had already applied that fix with password...

    Previous to adding the info given in my first post,i already applied the fix you mention and still got the described error.Don't know why tough.I know that not all setups (network,dns,hosts file,authentication on network) are the same...so why something works for one person and not for another is in many different factors.

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