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  1. parallelsbox

    parallelsbox Kilo Poster

    Is there anyway to hide the Domains tab in PBAS store 4.3.3 without customizing PHP code?
  2. vbatraev

    vbatraev Odin Team

    Request to add such setting was submitted: PBAS-28811. We will try to include it into next update.

    Mean while you can hide it by customizing header.html.php template:

    1. Go to directory online store is located:
    #cd /var/opt/hspc-store
    2. Create directory for custom templates for your vendor
    #mkdir –p customization/vendor/1/templates/
    3. Copy original header.html.php into the directory:
    # cp templates/header.html.php customization/vendor/1/templates/
    4. customize the template.
  3. parallelsbox

    parallelsbox Kilo Poster

    We noticed that if customer doesn't have any subscription he can't even order a domain (registered elsewhere) through the domains tab for dns hosting only.

    What is the best way to have a "dns hosting" only plan? Currently we had to create of "miscellaneous type" since of "domain type" we have to specify TLDs. Is this the correct procedure, to create miscellaneous type if all we want is to offer dns hosting?

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