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    In Virtuozzo 6, our container license counts always had one extra. (5 CT allows 6 per vzlicview). I also seem to recall (but am not positive) being able to create a new container and having the node change to Graced while the extra container was running. I did this from time to time when building PHP...create a container, build PHP, and delete the container an hour later.

    Just now I created a container and Virtuozzo 7.0.4 immediately stopped another container on that node?

    So I stopped my new container, started the first, migrated the new container to another node* and after several minutes it stopped a container on that node.

    vzlicview shows "graceperiod=259200" on all nodes. Does that grace period now only apply when shaman migrates containers?

    What happens if we need to live migrate containers to a new node in order to restart the hardware node?

    * in VA 7.0.2, to migrate a stopped container, one must check the option "Perform migration with Container restart." This is not an intuitive renaming of the previous option that was something like "perform a live migration"...?
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