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    Hey all,

    I am an indie game developer and hobbyist web programmer for quite some years now.
    Originally, I wanted to open a web design and web hosting company next to my game developer company in April 2017.
    However, situation has changed and therefore I have to do it much sooner now.

    For this reason, I wanted to ask a few questions:
    1. I can get a PLESK license through OpenProvider (which I use to register domain names for many years now), does PLESK integrate nicely with OpenProvider? Or do I need to integrate support for it myself?
    2. I have seen that Odin Automation Premium includes both a billing system for the staff AND a webshop front-end for new/existing clients. Did I understand that correctly?
    3. If not, which webshop applications integrate with PLESK nicely?
    4. If yes, does Odin Automation Premium integrate with PLESK (and OpenProvider) at all?
    5. If I happen to buy both licenses, what do I need to install first? PLESK or Odin?

    Note: I refer myself to as "I" because the business did not start yet, although I want to begin very soon now.
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    This forum intended for Odin Business Automation Standard, so I can answer your questions in application to this hosting solution.

    1. OBAS can purchase and install Plesk licenses automatically on Plesk Nodes. Domain registration plugin have no needs to be integrated somehow, in your case you need to have an account at Odin Key Administrator.
    2. OBAS include billing system for it's customers and resellers, and you can issue custom invoices at any time for stuff also. OBAS has a webshop and an end-user Control Panel, in which customer can control his finances and manage Plesk in it's own CP.
    3. OBAS supports all modern versions of Plesk, starting from ancient 7.x, 8.x and 9.x up to 17.x.
    4. OBAS has integration with OpenProvider domain registrar.
    5. OBAS can create and manage Plesk from scratch, all what you need - purchase Virtuozzo and OBAS licenses, deploy both, install required Virtuozzo application templates, register VZ node in OBAS, configure Odin Key Administrator plugin, create Hosting Plans for Plesk Virtual Server and Plesk Domain / Client, configure Payment plugin, create Plesk Virtual Server and you may start to sell Plesk Domains / Clients, or even Plesk Virtual Servers. May be I miss some steps, but in most it takes less than a day to start from scratch for me, having only one dedicated server with Virtuozzo installed.

    You may read more about OBAS and try to look at OBAS demo server, it can be found here: http://www.odin.com/products/obas/#tab6
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