[FreeBSD] Apache crashes when adding IP addresses

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    [FreeBSD] URGENT: Apache crashes when adding IP addresses

    When i add IP addresses to the server through the webinterface (server > ip aliasing), Apache crashes abruptly :(

    This is what i get in the Apache error_log :

    [Fri Jan 7 14:52:08 2005] [error] mod_ssl: Init: (default-217-21-240-4:443) Ops, no RSA or DSA server certificate found?!
    [Fri Jan 7 14:52:08 2005] [error] mod_ssl: Init: (default-217-21-240-4:443) You have to perform a *full* server restart when you added or removed a certificate and/or key file

    Can somebody please help me?
  2. remco

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  3. jshanley

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    Crashes when adding IPs

    Yeah I know. Plesk "gracefully" restarts apache every 15 minutes by default. If you add IPs to the server, by default it also assigns the default SSL certificate to the new IPs.

    You cannot "gracefully" restart apache if you're adding SSL stuff, apparently. So, when you add IPs - go into Server -> Service Management and do a full "stop", then "start" on apache.

    It'd be good if Plesk set a flag in the database, so when it came time to restart the webserver at that 15 minute interval, it knew that a new IP (with SSL config) had been added - so it did a full stop/start that time, instead of a graceful restart.

    But right now it doesn't do anything like that.

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