Feature Matrix / Roadmap for Hsphere Vs.PPA/MSP

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  1. TanmayaA

    TanmayaA Bit Poster

    Can we have a detailed Feature Matrix (Vs Hsphere) cum Roadmap (just a tentative release date next feature).
    This will allow us to :
    1. know what will (if it will) land and when?
    2. time to adjust our operations to release of respective features, and come up with migration path (for those considering move to this new product).
    3. allow us to suggest any missing feature or make feature requests, which can be linked to a forum thread here for discussion.
  2. Andrew Andriatis

    Andrew Andriatis Odin Team

    Parallels Plesk Automation is an integration project. By itself it does not put any new hosting features on the table. Its hosting is configured by Plesk, and therefore fully depends on its capabilities. At the same time, we are taking special care to retain the existing configuration of H-Sphere web servers. Those features that are not supported by Plesk will at least remain in vhost configurations even if won’t be changeable from UI.

    The previews are published to enable you raising an issue if something important is missing. At the moment Linux web hosting is practically complete, and you may examine its capabilities alive. All further enhancements will depend on Plesk Panel evolution.

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