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Discussion in 'Installation, Update and Configuration' started by Mohd IzharM, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. Mohd IzharM

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    I'm new to PCS 6.0. I want to install PBA 5.4 but receive error when trying to create a container. Anybody can advice on this error below. Thanks

    vzctl create 10 --ostemplate centos-6-x86
    Cached package set 'centos-6-x86' is not found, run create cache utility...
    Creating OS template cache for centos-6-x86 template
    Creating delta /vz/tmp//vzpkg.IMJZ55/root.hds bs=2048 size=20971520 sectors
    add snapshot {5fbaabe3-6958-40ff-92a7-860e329aab41}
    Storing /vz/tmp/vzpkg.IMJZ55/DiskDescriptor.xml
    Can't open device /proc/vz/ploop_minor: No such file or directory
    Dropping image /vz/tmp/vzpkg.IMJZ55/root.hds
    Error: "/usr/sbin/ploop init -s 10485760K -f ploop1 -t ext4 /vz/tmp//vzpkg.IMJZ55/root.hds" return 2
    Error: system(/usr/sbin/ploop init -s 10485760K -f ploop1 -t ext4 /vz/tmp//vzpkg.IMJZ55/root.hds) error
    Error: Cannot create ploop device
    Can't parse /vz/tmp//vzpkg.IMJZ55/DiskDescriptor.xml
    Error: "/usr/sbin/ploop umount /vz/tmp//vzpkg.IMJZ55/DiskDescriptor.xml" return 39
    Error: system(/usr/sbin/ploop umount /vz/tmp//vzpkg.IMJZ55/DiskDescriptor.xml) error
  2. MonicaH

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    You should try again to create container.and install PBA again.
    I think this time you can,t see any errors in your file.
  3. Mohd IzharM

    Mohd IzharM Kilo Poster

    Thanks monica. Actually i've discovered that the temporary license for PCS6.0 is expired. No wonder its failed... i've got a new key and upload it after that i was able to create the container and install PBA .

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