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    We used Setup > Configure Backups to set default backup settings for all our hardware nodes. It is working great (restores are super fast!).

    For Windows nodes, since the built-in backup doesn't allow for file-level restores, we would prefer to use another backup solution. Depending on setup, this would use more disk space in the cluster but improve restore capability. Is there a way we can back up all VMs and containers except for one?
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    Hello Steve!

    Currently such functionality is not available yet, however, feature request for this functionality has already been submitted to our development team, and is considered for implementation in future. I'll let them know there are more people waiting for the feature to raise its importance.
    For your information, feature request ID is PVA-34695

    For now the only workaround is to manually add all VEs to the backup job, except the one you want to skip of course.
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