Email Migration Between Plesk 12.5.30 and PPA

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  1. JoshEdney-CH

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    I've started migrating some of our websites off of several of our plesk environments on to our PPA environment.

    The tricky part is how i'm going to migrate the mail over to the PPA as well. I've tried the migration tool but it doesn't support plesk v12. Apart from manually exporting the data using outlook to a PST and uploading it to the new server. Does anyone know of a way to get the mail from one server to another?

    There is about 1700 domains that have between 5 and 15 email accounts so ideally dont want to do it manually.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


  2. Alex.V

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    My tip is to use smartermail for PPA mail, and use the internal migration tool in smartermail to migrate
  3. SteveITS

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    Josh, we steer users towards POP which makes migration easy...change MX, retrieve any waiting mail, change mail server settings.

    For IMAP it is much more of a pain especially since users will have other folders. There are IMAP tools out there ( but I haven't used any. For our few one-offs I pull out a mail client like Becky!, set up two accounts, and drag folders. I've found having users change IMAP account settings instead of creating a new account tends to confuse the mail program because it can no longer find its trash/sent folders, so if you get them to set up their own maybe you can get them to move their own mail (he says hopefully)?
  4. JoshEdney-CH

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    I've managed to resolve my issue.

    I wrote a shell script that manually copies across the all of the folders and files under the Mail Dir. It works brilliantly for IMAP accounts but unfortunately duplicates emails if they are on POP3

    Cheers for your suggestions though.

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