Dropdown only shows subscription names but not domains

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by parallelsbox, Jul 16, 2013.

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    For quick access it would be interesting for Client Panel dropdown to show next to the subscription name also the domain name for faster management.

    PBAS knows which domain is associated with a subscription because when you select a subscription from the drop down it says:

    Information: You are now viewing properties of the subscription XXXXXXX.com.

    Ofcourse this wouldn't apply in subscriptions with multiple domains, but at least it could show one of the domains.

    Other options would be to have a direct link in the menu to subscriptions: at cp/index.cgi/top/zone,home/poa_ok,ok/ but this page should also show the associated domains.

    Or in /cp/index.cgi/top/zone,home/mode,domains/ that associates domains with subscriptions it could have a "View" next to the "Subscriptions list".

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