Domains lookup widget has been redesigned in PBAS 4.3.4

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  1. dkolvakh

    dkolvakh Odin Team


    The Domains lookup widget looks quite ugly with large amount of proposed TLDs in 4.3.3:

    Despite the fact, that number of TLDs per row can be modified to fit the box, with growth of TLDs amount such layout will become more ugly and unusable. So, there was made several look&feel changes in Domains lookup widget. What was done:
    • The list of TLDs became more compact
    • Extra rows (configurable amount) with available TLDs are moved under cut
    • Previously selected for lookup TLDs will be moved to the first row(s) upon lookup action


    You can test new widget at our demo set:

    Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

    Denis Kolvakh
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  2. scardus01

    scardus01 Kilo Poster

    Great stuff! This looks far tidier now. Is it possible to configure what TLDs appear above and below the cut? We'd far prefer to be able to configure the most popular TLDs above the cut and the more obscure below...

    I'd like to make one more suggestion:
    Please show Setup & subscription costs separately again. When browsing the shop, it's no longer possible to see the setup & subscription fees as separate items. If a package costs £10 per month with a £10 setup fee, it shows in the shop as costing "£20" - To the customer it looks like the package costs £20 per month! The only time the setup & monthly costs are explained are when (AND IF) the customer gets to the checkout.

  3. dkolvakh

    dkolvakh Odin Team

    You can't specify list of tlds which can be shown above cut and below cut. But there is ability to specify particular tld set to be listed first, right after already checked tlds. Rest of tlds will be listed alphabetically and some of them placed under cut, if number of tld rows exceed store setting.
  4. scrollingmouse

    scrollingmouse Bit Poster

    Our customers are often confused by "bulk registration" vs. "transfer domains mode" vs. "use existing domain, registered elsewhere".

    It would actually be much better for us if a customer simply enters a domain name, and the customer can then choose from options like:
    Register this domain / Transfer this domain / Use this domain without transfer (deleting options as appropriate: e.g. if domain is already registered, just show transfer or use options).

    So that means only have 2 modes: normal / bulk

    Everything else is handled on step 2.
  5. scrollingmouse

    scrollingmouse Bit Poster

    Another point related to domain handling in the store - our customers find the domain contacts selection very difficult to work with (selecting whois contacts from the list of existing contacts), because no real information is provided.

    You should look at how Amazon handle different shipping address selection as a good example for how to do this. A customer needs to see the full details to be able to select the correct one. Also it would really help if you don't list contacts that are incompatible (i.e. don't contain the relevant "extended data") for use with a particular TLD.
  6. dkolvakh

    dkolvakh Odin Team


    I've added your notes to internal improvement task. Thank you for your feedback.
  7. PhilP

    PhilP Kilo Poster

    Hi Alex,

    I think you need to add the ability to choose which domains feature above the cut off. It is common for providers to want to promote certain domains more heavily than others, such as, com, net etc.
  8. dkolvakh

    dkolvakh Odin Team

    Such ability already implemented and will be available in the PBAS 4.3.4 version.

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