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    Ok, the HSPc run the master DNS sever for domains registered on the system, and there is an option to deploy an VPS only to work as secondary DNS server for this domains, and all things work perfectly.

    HSPc(master) --> VPS (slave)

    My question/doubt is:

    What is the procedure to make HSPc or this VPS works as secondary DNS server for domains registered in other hosts?

    For example: for some domains I need to deploy the Master DSN server working with 4PSA DNS Manager, and point the secondary servers @ Hspc and this "special" VPS

    DNSMGR(master) --> HSPc (slave)
    --> VPS (Slave)

    Some one can help with this set up ?

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    The DNS server on the HSPC VE isn't bind, it's powerdns, a mysql based DNS server. With the secondary DNS servers that can be managed by HSPC, they run bind and HSPC connects via SSH and uploads a configuration file that is included by the master named.conf file on that server. You could easily have a similar file included on that server with zones from the 4PSA server.
  3. Spyder

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    In reality I do the job in this way.

    HSPc(master) --

    -----> VPS (slave)

    DNSMGR(master) --

    In this way .. domains hosted @ HSPC have the VPS as slave.
    Domains hosted @ dnsmgr (or other server) have the vps as slaves.

    Actualy my instalation works in this way..

    This is an example.

    HSPc (master domains 1 to 200) ---
    ---------------------------------------> VPS1 (slave domains 1 to 400)
    ---------------------------------------> VPS2 (slave domains 1 to 400)
    DNSMGR (master domains 200 to 400)---

    The power dns propagate the maps normaly to bind, and the other servers all are using bind.. and this is the easy to replicate or configure.

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