Disk space not updated on Virtuozzo container when done from PBAS

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting' started by MathieuP, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. MathieuP

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    When I update a Virtuozzo Container from PBAS (CPU, Memory, Disk, etc.), everything gets updated on the container except the disk space (adding or subtracting disk space has absolutely no effect on the container). When I go to PCS and issue the shell command to update it, it works just fine. Anyone has seen this behavior from PBAS?

    Note: All the newest versions installed and updates done on PBAS, PCS and PVA, all running on CentOS 6 x64, if that can help.

    P.S.: Sorry for my questions, I am new to all this software. I'll probably be helping newbies a year from now... :)

  2. Coolness

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    What is shown in the PBAS action log for when it attempts to update the resources on the PCS node for the VZ Container in question?
  3. MathieuP

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    Hi Coolness,

    Thanks for your answer! I have only found this:
    [2014/03/03 21:13:15] [INFO] [31380] [HSPC::MT::OM::VE::set_qos] Virtuozzo Container: Update QoS # 168 with limit 225 x 1048576 on Virtuozzo Container object (# 101)

    in the hspc.log file. But it did not resize to 225GB of disk space (from 250GB in this particular case).

    vzagent.log file contains the exact infos of what I want to modify, no useful messages. Are there any other log files that could be useful on the PBAS box, or on the PCS box maybe?
  4. Vadim Ivanov

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    How you have changed resources on container?
    What was the result of the change in action log?
    What was the status of a order on container hosting?

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