Difficulties configuring HSPComplete to Control Virtuozzo box

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting' started by defl8ed, Dec 14, 2006.

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    Have HSPComplete installed on one machine and am attempting to get it set up to control a copy of Virtuozzo installed on a different machine. Get through the setup ok, but when I attempt to create a new VE from hsp box I receive an error stating "There are no OS templates available for VE creation." I know that I have a default template set up on the Virtuozzo box, but when I look under the OS Templates tab within HSPComplete, there are no templates displayed there. When I try the "Register OS Templates from Node" option, no templates are registered, even though according to the Action Log, the update was a "Success". How do I get HSP to see the default template that I have set up on my Virtuozzo box?
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    Could you please check that you have any templates on hardware node except *-minimal

    To check which templates you have installed please log in to your virtuozzo box as root and issue following commands:

    # vzpkg list
    # vzpkgls

    *-minimal templates are designed for service VPS only and cannot be used in HSPcomplete, that might be a reason.
    If this is the case you can install the OS template into HSPcomplete and it will be automatically provisioned to all you Virtuozzo nodes.

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    When I run the vzpkgls command, the only result is redhat-as3-minimal-x86_64 20050622. So apparently I do only have the minimal package installed. What do I do to install OS templates into HSPComplete? Under the OS Templates option in the Vituozzo manager, it seems I can point HSP at an RPM file to set up a Template, where are those RPMs stored? Do I download them from sw-soft? Are they already on the machine? If so, in which directory?
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    You download these from SWsoft's FTP server - your sales rep will give you login details, or you can get the username/password from /etc/sysconfig/vzup2date/vzup2date.conf and login to ftp://downloads.swsoft.com.

    You can either:

    - install the RPM on HSPc management node via Virtuozzo Manager > OS Templates, and use HSPc to automatically install this on the nodes you require this template to be installed on.

    - Or, you can install it directly, and synchronise it in HSPc via VZ Manager > Nodes > Node X > OS Templates > Import from node.

    I'd suggest the first option, it's easier when you have more than 1 node.

    The same process applies to Applications (application templates), using Vz Manager > Applications instead.

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