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Discussion in 'PSA 5.0 Troubleshooting and Problems' started by gmanea, Sep 18, 2002.

  1. gmanea

    gmanea Guest

    A client could need that 'DBI perl mod' be installed on our server, would this be any problem >?

    I havnt heard of this mod before, have any of you heard of it, and if so will it cause any problems on plesk ?

  2. The DBI perl module is for the interaction between perl and mysql. It is safe to install. We have it running on our servers at the moment and it works great.
  3. gmanea

    gmanea Guest

    Great! thanks fozzy, that is what I wanted to hear, are you using version 5 of plesk ?
  4. Yes, I'm using version 5.
  5. briman

    briman Guest

    I have 3 servers with RH7.2 and psa 5.0.2 rpm running that module and I have not had any problems.(just thought I would let you know that)......Briman

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