Customer Interface between PBAS and Plesk

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feature Requests' started by Chinese dave, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. Chinese dave

    Chinese dave Kilo Poster


    Looks like there are different validation rules for customer details between PBAS (4.2.1-05) and Plesk (11.0.9).

    I just had the "Create Customer" fail in PBAS when creating a new order which inturn tried to create a Customer record in Plesk.

    The failure was due to the Customer City been entered in PBAS as "1" ... Plesk did not like this!

    Can this be corrected?

    Regards, Pete
  2. vbatraev

    vbatraev Odin Team

    Hi Pete,

    I submitted a bug report for this issue. I think it's not critical issue, because of in majority of cases real customers enters valid details.

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