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    I am in the process of moving all my existing hosting accounts into HSP and I have two questions:

    [1] Is there a way to add a services subscription to a manually created user account (without the user having to do it). This is in the case where existing accounts do not use credit cards and I simply need to move them over.

    [2] Is there an script to import clients from Plesk servers? I expected the Migration manager do do this however it says "There are no migration plugins installed on your system."

    Thanks in advance. Peter
  2. olsh

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    Hello Peter,

    First of all, you can act on behalf of the customer by using "Login to CP" from account profile in Provider Control Center, then going to online store.

    Additionally, in HSPcomplete 3.1 there will be a wizard for adding domains/clients into customer account directly from Provider Control Center.

    You will be able to import domains/clients from existing Plesk servers in HSPcomplete 3.1. For each domain/client you will need to specify corresponding HSPcomplete customer account, hosting plan, subscription period, expiration date, etc.

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