Creating 'unlimited' hosting plans

Discussion in 'Installation and "How-To" Questions' started by angst49, Dec 20, 2004.

  1. angst49

    angst49 Guest


    Is there a good way to create hosting plans (to be deployed on Plesk enabled servers) where the resources are unlimited?

    IE: Unlimited data usage and disk space.

    These parameters are available in Plesk, but HSP seems to require a finite start and end amount.

    Thanks, Peter
  2. olsh

    olsh Odin Team

    Hello Peter,

    unfortunately there is no possibility right now to set unlimited in the hosting plan. Although, it's surely planned for future releases.

    Actually, you can workaround it by setting the value in the hosting plan to some big value and then customize the appearance of the online store and customer control panel to show this value as "unlimited", but this will require some programming. Customization techniques needed for this are described in the HSPcomplete Integration Guide.

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