Create VC from PBAS in Bridge Network mode

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  1. Eduardo1

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    Maybe you can help me with something I think it should be possible.
    My problem is that all VPS created from PBAS are by default configured in Routed Network mode and I need them all in Bridged Mode automatically.
    I have not found anything in the docs.
    As result of the problem, when I create a VPS from PBAS, a public IP of the pool is assigned to the Routed Interface and registered in PBAS. When I manually change the network parameters, the new interface obtains a new ip from the pool and it generates a conflict with PBAS.

    My config is:

    Every PCS node has 2 Ethernet.

    eth0 for internal communication (Cloud Storage, PVA, etc).
    eth1 connected to Internet

    Do you think is there any solution ??
  2. FedorK

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    Hello Eduardo,

    This feature currently implemented in PBAS but not released yet. We going to release this feature in PBAS 4.5.3 upcoming in December 2014.
  3. Eduardo1

    Eduardo1 Bit Poster

    Hello FedorK.

    Thank you for you quick answer.
    It is good to know than you are over it. Let´s wait then until it is implemented.

    Best regards.
    Eduardo Sánchez.

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