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    I have installed PCS, PVA and PBAS for the first time on a server. I have then added this same server in PBAS as a hardware node in Virtuozzo Manager > Nodes and in Parallels Server Manager > Nodes as described in a tutorial video from Parallels. I have also successfully retrieved OS Templates and Application Templates from PVA. Note that the hardware node is listed as "Registered" and "Available".

    Now, I am trying to create a new container and as soon as I click on "New Container", I get the following message : "Could not find any available hardware node". How can I fix this.

    If someone also knows how to sync the containers I had already created in PVA (PVA, DNS and PBAS containers) to PBAS, that would be great!

    Thanks for any help!
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    He Mathieu,

    You'll need a hosting plan to create a new container in PBAS. This must have the same specs like OS as the node has installed. Its possible to use the migration director->conflicts resolver->container to import any existing containers. But first all the specs of the container must meet the requirements of the hosting plan (like OS, Memory, diskspace, etc). If the container isn't visible you may change the container id. This must be above the 100 and it should be below a number (think its 1000 but not sure). But if you start your containers with id 101 it will work.


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    Hi Rick,

    Thanks for your help! I was able to create a container with a new hosting plan. I was thinking I could create containers on the fly just like in PVA but it looks like PBAS is all based on billing so it must be part of some plan somewhere. Thanks!


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