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  1. TonyDas

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    I currently have PPA 11.1 and moving to a new hosting provider. I will install PPA11.5 there

    On the current PPA I have reverse DNS manually created for a /22 block - is there a way to easily recreate the rdns for the /22 block on the new server.
    I looked at the psa db dump and find no reference to the reverse dns in there so I am a bit stumped.
  2. JustinSoul

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    You can create reverse DNS zone as described in PA Operation Guide:

    Please note, Prefix(subnet) length must be an integer from 8 to 32, multiple of 8 (IPv4 address), or an integer from 16 to 128, multiple of 16 (IPv6 addresses). PA does not allow to create reverse DNS zone with /22 prefix.

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